What is My IP Address

Web Proxy

IP Address

Hostname ec2-23-20-20-52.compute-1.amazonaws.com
ISP Amazon.com
Organization AWS EC2 (us-east-1)
AS AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc.


City Ashburn
State/region Virginia | VA
Country United States | US
Timezone America/New_York
Postal/Zip 20149

Location on Map

Latitute 39.0438
Longitute -77.4874

User-Agent info

CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

What is IP?

Your IP is your computer's digital address. IP enables you to send messages from your computer with your IP stamped on each message. It tells other users on internet where to reach you. IP stands for Internet protocol. You cannot use internet if you do not have a valid IP.

Common IP looks like this "". These form of IPs are assigned at your local router. However your router then send your network connection through a public IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider. A public IP cannot be shared among different people at different locations, thus IPs are unique identifiers and you can be traced back with it. Once you have somebody's IP you can figure out what internet service they use and who provide them connectivity at their location. Most of the time, IPs does not reveal exact location of your home.

However it does show country, region and sometime your community in your city. But if the government is trying to reach you, they can find out about you by your Internet service provider and by law they are required to cooperate with them. If you are really looking for Anonymity, please use a trusted VPN provider.