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Welcome to the Web proxy

ABOUT Proxy is a secure free web proxy site. You can use it to browse your favourite websites through it. Your connection is secure and encrypted with masking your original IP with ours. This feature offers basic anonymity.

What is a Web Proxy?

Web proxy allows you to access websites through its location or server. Your IP is hidden to websites you visit through the proxy. Web proxies fetch and serve the website that allows you to access geographically restricted sites. That’s how they are able to unblock websites, since they are fetching data from an unrestricted location and displaying it to you indirectly.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual Private network. VPN offers better security, more anonymity and stability. Due to the nature of web proxies some sites are less compatible with them, whereas VPNs work great in every scenario. They route your traffic through it instead of fetch and serve. Check out some free VPNs and Paid VPNs. Paid VPN plans guarantee anonymity and reliability.

Key features of our Web proxy


Even if the sites you visit through our Web proxy are not encrypted, Your connection to it is secure up to our end.

High Speed

We run this proxy over Dedicated Server so you can enjoy high speed for browsing favorite websites with freedom


Streaming videos is easy and straight forward. Most video sites are compatible with PHP-Proxy script of our website